On Tandem Sky Diving you get to do a freefall jump attached to a highly experienced sky dive instructor. The jump will be made from the highest altitude permitted by the local air traffic control at the time of the jump which is up to 13,000 feet.

Thai Sky Adventures is the only full time sky diving drop zone in South East Asia. We have over 25 years skydiving experience. Open since November 2009 we are a UK, US, Thai run operation with a full staff of western instructors and pilots.


  1. Minimum age for sky diving is 16 years with parental consent (in writing) otherwise 18 years.
  2. NO Scuba Diving 24 hours before your jump as you risk severe decompression sickness if you do
  3. Alcohol and skydiving DO NOT mix. Don not drink before jumping. If you under the influence of alcohol, you will not be permitted to jump.
  4. Weather must be suitable for jumping. Excessive wind or clouds will prevent us from operating. in such a case your jump will be re scheduled.
  5. Our basic weight limit for jumping is 95 kg. however, certain instructors are prepared to take those in excess of 95 kg. a surcharge will apply to jumpers over 95 kg
  6. You will be jumping with a clothes you are wearing when you arrived at the drop zone. We recommend a tshirt and long pants and normal running shoes. No flip flop, sandals or high heel shoes.
  7. The maximum weight is 115 kgs. If your weight is more than 95 kg to 100 kg you will need to pay 500 thb extra for the gear. If your weight more than 100 kg you will need to pay a 1,000 thb extra for the gear. from 110 kgs to 115 kgs you pay 1,000 bht +200 per kilo up to maximum of 115kgs.

pick-up time:

07:00:00 – 18:00:00

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment


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