Lanna Cultural Dance and Shows – Be touched by a new experience with a most specular and fabulous classical performing arts show in Chiang Mai.

  • Khantoke Parade: This is a welcome dance and its used to greet and  welcome the guests and in the past, this dance was performed to welcome the honored guests or VIP’s to the city.
  • Kingkala:  This performance from the Mae Hong Son province is about animal legends.
  • War Dance: With a drum, Glong Sa-bud Chai was performed in ancient times. The beating sound of the drums was a motivation for the soldiers and today all parts of the performer’s body beat on the drums, making the show exciting.
  • Dararatsamee Princess: Jao Dararatsamee is the Lanna princess and being the roles models in Lanna cultural and tradition reservation This performance is for our remembrance to her.
  • Khone: “Hanuman chases Nang Suphunamucha” Episode is an episode from Ramakian, the greatest Thai literary work, influenced by the Indian literary work “Ramayana”. This episode is based on a story of a brave and skilled soldier of Rama, Hanuman, who was attacking Lanka city, but got obstructed by Nang Suphunamucha. She blocked his route to Lanka city with rocks and so he chased her with the intention to kill her. However, when he finally met her, he changed his mind.
  • Sword Dance: This dance demonstrates how the Lanna people defended themselves using swords. This dance is harmonization of rapid and gentle movements.
  • Nattayaranasiam:  This performance shows the art of Thai fighting which inherit from Thai ancestor and being Thai identity. This art of Thai fighting is very famous for all over the world.
  • Sueng Ka-pho: Ka-pho means coconut shell (Ka-la) used in the North-eastern part of Thailand. The dance demonstrates the pleasantry between young  people by using Ka-la as a performance instrument. The sound made from the coconut shells makes the dance exciting.
  • Ram Wong:  This dance originated from the central countryside of Thailand, before World War II. Although the dance doesn’t look complicated, it portrays the unique pureness and typical cheerfulness of the people who lived in this area.

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