Corporate Tour

The experienced professionals at EIA MICE come up with innovative ideas to conduct several theme based corporate conferences and events. Corporate tournaments are one of the most interesting events organized by EIA MICE. Such events promote a sense of healthy competition and interpersonal bonding amongst rival companies. Corporate tournaments are often organized within a company or amongst several other participating organizations. Since
the inception of corporate travel, there has been a tremendous increase in variety of corporate tournaments organized by tour companies.

Corporate Travel Services

  • Corporate travel services offered by EIA MICE include several travel and tour packages which include several recreational and motivational activities.
  • Corporate travel services offered by EIA HOLIDAYS are amongst the most innovative travel packages offered to diverse corporate clients.
  • Corporate Incentive Tours
  • Company off-sites, Gala Dinner and get together
  • Conference Management Services
  • Inbound and Outbound Customized Group Holiday Management
  • Event Planning and Themes (Awards)
  • Trade fairs
  • Foreign Exchange Services
  • Wedding Ceremony Arrangement Overseas
  • Venue Sourcing and Destination Management
  • Industrial visits for Students
  • Association groups & Social community groups

Educational Tours for Students

Book knowledge is not enough these days; students at all levels require to go beyond the prescribed syllabus. Educational Tours designed to complement the school or college curriculum are very popular these days. The itineraries are designed to stimulate, excite and motivate students in the relevant subject area, and combine learning with fun. The idea is to enhance learning opportunities for students by exposing them to different cultures and concepts across the world. Industrial visits and science center tours can help widen horizons and provide an insight into current trends and practices.

EIA MICE Team with the experience of handling students groups can help make such Educational tours a rewarding exercise.

Meetings – Corporate Business Travel Organizers

The corporate world runs on meetings where decisions with far reaching consequences are made. A well planned and executed meeting allows participants to focus on the agenda, in an ambiance suited to interaction and decision making. Organizations are realizing the value of holding meetings and company think tanks outside the office, in a totally different environment. Apart from participants, such meetings encourage better ideas and out of the box thinking. Meetings at carefully chosen locations help facilitate interaction among different levels of personnel and promote an exchange of ideas in a refreshing new ambiance. Being one of the prominent business travel Organizers, EIA MICE has tapped the need of corporate business travel in Pakistan effectively. It has indeed evolved as one of the most popular business travel organizers in Pakistan catering to different types of corporate travel themes.

An independent team of EIA MICE professionals, experienced in organizing meetings and selecting venues helps in making such meetings truly meaningful. The objective of EIA MICE is to remain one of the top Corporate business travel organizers in Pakistan

Corporate Incentive Travel

Companies everywhere are providing all kinds of incentives to motivate and reward their staff and associates. Such initiatives encourage company loyalty among employees and motivate them to achieve and exceed targets. They also contribute to employee retention, and in building an atmosphere of trust. Travel-based incentives or corporate incentive travel are very popular, and offer a truly memorable experience. Corporate incentive travels also give the employees an opportunity to interact and know each other closely thereby boosting interpersonal bonds.
Corporate Incentive tours to Pakistan are particularly significant as they open new opportunities to explore the rich diversity of this nation. Experienced EIA MICE professionals can help conceive and implement incentive tours best suited to your organization.

Corporate Conferences/Conventions Organizers

Hosting a conference or convention showcases an organization’s image and reputation. Whether intended for in-house personnel, or for a larger audience of customers and dealers, the conference has to reflect the professionalism and integrity of your business. The trend these days is to organize conferences in different domestic or international destinations. This requires a significant amount of planning and streamlining of the logistics involved. If you’re planning for corporate travel, EIA MICE is one of the most reputed corporate conference organizers to deliver best services suited to your requirements. We provide tour packages catering to numerous corporate conference themes. Some of the most famous corporate conference themes organized by us are recreational and motivational themes.